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Boatlamps supply replacement LED bulbs to fit most light fixtures found on all types of marine craft, as well as leisure and commercial road vehicles. Our LED bulbs are constructed using only high quality, high output SMD LEDs, all of which have proved to be very reliable following use in the arduous marine environment.

We stock the brightest replacement LED lamps available anywhere for navigation lights, that's a promise. Our wide range of lamps are suitable for most types of navigation light fixtures. Our new BAY15D, 60SMD very high output lamps are widely used on large vessels and we can now make these lamps economically available to smaller vessel owners who want their boat to be seen from afar and stand out.

We ship LED lamps worldwide using fast Royal Mail airmail service, with typical Delivery time to Europe 2/3 days, Australia and New Zealand 5/8 days and USA 4/5 Days. 

All Boatlamps replacement LED bulbs are designed and selected specifically for the marine power/sail leisure market and give outstanding performance in all types of marine craft as well as in caravans and motor home vehicles.

Marine vessels running a nominal 12V system can experience voltage swings of 12-16V when using modern multi-stage battery chargers, our lamps have 'built in' sophisticated Buck-Boost, constant-current, control circuitry to deal with this. The circuit is designed to ensure that just the right current flows through the lamp despite any variation of input voltage. This results in a constant bright light output, independent of any voltage change. Simply exchanging your incandescent lamps for LEDs will keep your lighting levels high and your lighting battery current drain down by 80-90%.  

We can offer boat owners the option of a protected lamp with on-lamp, built in self resetting electronic fuse and voltage spike suppression, which are particularly useful where owners operate 24V systems or have experienced premature failure of LED bulbs. For reading and bunk-side lights with deeply seated lamps, we can offer extended pin length options for some of our most popular back pin G4 LED lamps, thus making lamp insertion less difficult.  

Boatlamps only select high quality LEDs from manufacturers such as Citizen, Cree, Chimei and Epistar, consequently our LED lamps compare extremely well with most incandescent lamps in terms of both light colour and output.

We now offer a range of good quality, economic LED lamps specifically for use in motor vehicles and other circumstances where the supply voltage is generally more stable.

Please check back often as we are regularly introducing new products for boat owners.

Our LED lamps have a full two year warranty on all materials and workmanship.